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While working for smaller companies, it became clear that many don't have the right tools and knowledge to create their own style and grow their online presence. I became passionate about creating a graphic appearance that matches a business' style and reflects its goals.

While marketing through various digital channels, like social media and email, catching one's eye with design drives their desires and intentions towards the products or services you provide.

Our Story

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Well... At the moment it's just me!


Arno Doggen


Enthusiastic and persistent with a creative mind and a sense of humour.

My Story

Online Orpheus began with not much more than a computer and the will to be self-employed. I was lucky enough to start building experience in family businesses and grow from there. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. To me, the most influential people in my life so far were the ones that were actually living their own. They sparked my sense of greater achievement, allowed me to be self-indulgent and drove me to find my own path to happiness, which to me equals independence.

This search for independence reflects itself in my work. Through many hours of self-teaching and different online courses, I started helping smaller organizations with their online appearance. I have now successfully assisted businesses with the visual and digital roadblocks they faced while starting or growing their brand, and I plan to help more.

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